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from 2099 CZK

2-6 players

99 minutes

The longest escape game in Prague


77 minutes

2-5 players

from 2399 CZK

The first escape game in cooperation with Jack Daniel's whiskey.


A room with an absorbing atmosphere.


66 minutes

1-4 players

from 1599 CZK

Kotva 1


The so-called escape game - or real escape game - is the concept of several thematically focused rooms, which test a person in his logic, creativity, cooperation, communication and test his resistance to stress. In a group of 2 to 6 players, you solve pre-prepared ciphers, puzzles, open locks and try to come up with answers to seemingly unsolvable questions. You are pressed for all this by time - 99 minutes. You have this time to open the last lock, the door and get yourself and your group out of the rooms.


Experience with escape games of all kinds led us to the idea of creating a game where you will be drawn into another reality, forget about the troubles of everyday life and become characters from the story. If you've ever dreamed of becoming the action hero of a story, fulfilling your childhood dream and becoming a police officer, you've come to the right place. Our story will take you to the crime scene and it's up to you to find the insidious villain.


The Padlock and his Mission # 53 boast the longest escape game in Prague - 99 min !!!

You will find yourself in a place whose interior is elaborated into every detail and will draw you fully into the action.

The game will gradually take you through a story that logically follows each other, and you yourself are its main characters.

We can guarantee that after the game you will climb with a smile on your face and you will remember this unique experience for a long time !!!

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